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There's no DESTRUCTION without HATE!

I hate:

Blink 182, Suburbia, Modern music,People who dont know their roots, school, work, Jason Hall, Toinette Willey, people who act like they give a shit but DONT, society, boy bands, cigarettes, teenagers, adults, ignoranance, ignorants, the idea of unity(is it 1984 already?) social standards, cinema, radio, television and all other restricting arts, cencorship, hippies, goverment, anarchy, politics, all local toledo bands 'punk' or not, punks, skins, preps, mods, alternateens, jocks, nerds, goths, suburban kids who think they're rudeboys,justin, rich kids playing dress-up, lindsey, people who lie to fit in, liars, emotions, shakespear, people who hate me, politions, lawyers, cynical bastards who put down everything you do and everyone who tries, police, armies, war, marijuana, anything over-produced, hypocrites, religion (not God), combustion engines, people who abort their kids, people who think you should NOT have the choice to abort your kid, loneliness, people who are shocked by anything, petafiles, morons, feeling trapped, having NO FUTURE, Feeling as if your better off dead.