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  • Over half a year later and we've decided to put on one last show. Come to Frankies Friday July 26th to check us out! Rock n Roll's not dead yet....
  • WHERE ARE THEY NOW? Well Doty's still in highschool, going to Bowsher, has recently lost his virginity and is working at Subway, If you go visit him he'll give you free food... Steven's moved to Pittsburgh where he's going to culinary school and punching through reinforced windows (use your head guy) And Joey's back from a year in Pittsburgh trying to cope with 'the real world' Oh yea and he's single ladies! Toinette is in Columbus and not playing at the reunion so who cares about her anymore, and that's the Kicks in the year 2002!


  • The Kicks are planning a reunion show sometime between December and January. More details to come.
  • 6/23/01

  • Well if you havent heard I (Joey) am moving to Pittsburgh. Our last show is gonna be 'All rock stars go to heaven' in Athens ohio but We're gonna try to play one more in Toledo. I might keep the band name and songs and reform but I havent decided yet. Later Children.
    -Joey Degenerate


  • The Toledo punk rock soundtrack is finally coming out. We recorded Suicide for it like a year ago. I haven't heard it yet so I'm not sure if we're gonna put it on. I've written a couple new songs and updated the lyrics. More chaos to come...
  • 12/29/00

  • Steven Subvert has passed the audition. We'll be playing again soon.


  • Toinette left the band. We have a new bass player lined up...check back soon for more news.


  • We have a show sheduled for monday aug 7. We're playing with the Spankies and a band from Buffalo NY called the Young Ones. Hope to see you there.


  • Sunday we recorded for the Toledo Punk Rock Soundtrack. It is being put out by Lactose Records and should be out by the end of summer. Although it's not our favorite everyone told us we should record 'suicide' and we couldn't make up our minds so we stuck with that. Happy birthday.


  • We just played a show with the Spankies, Sunarmed Uspects, Jack Handy and more at the Beehive. It was a good show but we don't have anymore scheduled now. If your intrested in having us play or have a band and want us to play with you contact us at
  • We canceled @ Bob's. We heard it sucked anyway.
  • 5/16/00

  • We just played @ South View in sylvania @ the 24 hour relay race. IT WAS A DISASTER! From the start we were about 30 mins late, the cop at the door didn't believe we were the band and was being a dick to us untill finally he talked to our contact and felt stupid as hell when he had to let us in, Then we played outside with no monitors and couldn't even hear what we were playing..There's even more too. But anyway we still had fun and had a suprisingly receptive suburban-audience.
  • 5/03/00

  • Thanks to everyone who contacted us about our demo, we wanted to make cds but that didn't really work out. We still haven't made many tapes and probably won't untill our upcoming shows are out of the way.


  • We just made a demo on a 4-track, it sounds really good! For info on how to get a copy email:
  • We are also starting a mailing list, to become part send your email address with subject:Mailing List to the above address.


  • St. John's battle of the bands is coming up toward the end of the school year. We might enter with Steve Auxter sitting in with us. We'll keep you posted.


  • We're trying to get together a 3 song demo so we can start playing at venue's like Frankie's
  • Our first show went well thanks to everyone who showed up. Cops came and we left but the other bands still played.
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